Q. How long will it take to ship after ordering?

A.It will be shipped within 7 to 14 days (excluding weekends and holidays). Convenience store payment and bank transfer will be converted from the date of payment.

Q. I haven't received an email after placing an order.

A. When your order is successfully completed, we will send you an automatic order completion email.
In addition, in the case of convenience store payment, we will send you a separate payment guide email.
If you do not receive the email, please check your spam box.
Click here for convenience store payment methods.

In addition, please set the reception permission of the following e-mail address in advance.


*If paying at a convenience store, please also check the email address below.


We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries about emails from 9TEEN8IGHT not being delivered to mobile carriers (docomo, au, softbank, etc.), Gmail, and iCloud email.
Due to the strengthening of anti-spam mail measures by each company, even if you have not configured your settings, your email may be marked as spam and you may not receive it.
Please contact us at shop@9teen8ight.com if you have any questions, such as not receiving an email.

Q. When I check the package inquiry number for the product, I get the message "The package data has not been registered. Why?

A. Because it is shipped from overseas, the data will be reflected after it arrives in Japan. It may take up to 4 days to reflect. Please note that the message ``Baggage data is not registered'' will be displayed until it is reflected. "It will be displayed.

Q. I want to cancel my order.

A.Due to the system, we generally do not accept cancellations due to customer convenience. Please note.

Q. I forgot to enter my coupon code. Is it possible to apply it later?

A. Due to system issues, coupon codes cannot be applied after payment is completed.

Q. I would like to change my payment method.

A. You cannot change the payment method after payment is completed. Please note.

Q. Is it possible to ship outside of Japan?

A. At this time, we can only deliver within Japan.